"I'll Shoot Your Kid's So You Don't Have Too!"    Just Kidding... Sports Photography Only!

1. When will my (my child, my events) pictures be on line?

Images are typically uploaded 6-12 Hours after your event CONCLUDES. We have to go back to the studio (remember, we may be out of state), download THOUSANDS of pictures, catalog them and transfer them to our servers, adjust the color, contrast and cropping, sort them into categories or classifications and then upload them to the web site. We work as fast and efficiently as possible and we’re as anxious as you are to see the pictures.

2. Can you E-mail me pictures of my child so I can decide if I want to purchase them?

Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to go through all the pictures and email them to each potential customer. Please take your time to view the images and utilize the “Photo Album” feature to make the final selection easy.  Shutterfly is a wonderful site that will allow you to view your photos clearly.

3. How much do the pictures cost?

Prices may vary depending on the arrangement with the event organizers and/or the exclusivity of the event. Keep in mind, that in most cases, the price is for your completed "once in a lifetime" photographic product. We are professionals and we're very good at capturing moments...and more importantly MEMORIES for you and/or your athlete. Even though we might make it look easy...what we do is not easy. It's taken us years of dedication and hard work to be able to provide you with the service, products and memories that you'll receive from If you have any questions please let us know by emailing

4. How do I pay for the pictures?

All orders are processed through Shutterfly. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover on line, via a secure server utilizing 128 bit encryption. This allows for the fastest delivery of your pictures, since the verification is done immediately. However we also accept Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, Cash and personal checks.

5. Will you be back to photograph my child/my event again?

Yes...  I will take pictures of the same teams throughout the season.    You can email to let us know about any upcoming events (especially playoff, championship or All-Star events).  

6. I don't see any pictures of my kid/my event...why did you skip us?

While I try to photograph each and every participant, it's just not feasible.  Please track me down at the games and point out your child and I will make sure I get photos of them.  This is the only way to GUARANTEE that we photograph your child.

7. What browser do we recommend for use with their web site?

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later is our first choice for an effective web browser. A recent version of Netscape is the second choice. The web site does not support early versions of some browsers or Windows 3.1 or earlier and use of such software may cause problems with the site's performance. Click on this hyperlink to download the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer.

8. How can thumbnail photographs be enlarged for easy viewing?

Click on the image that is to be enlarged and it will open up as a larger version. There will be a watermark imprinted on the larger view. Purchased products will not carry the watermark. Any problems experienced in enlarging images may be a result of the browser used. See recommended browser.

9. How can I be sure that's my kid in the picture?

Call our studio and ask someone in Customer Support to pull up the bigger, higher resolution picture. In most cases we can positively identify everyone in the photograph, and make sure it's the correct person.

10. Can photographs be downloaded from the web site?

No. Remember, all images are copyrighted and the property of It is illegal to make copies of the images. We can't afford to come to your events in the future without your support.

We do offer you the option to purchase the high resolution digital file, straight from our camera.  This will allow you to make as many copies of the file or prints (in any size) as you would like.  After you have purchased the file, we will email it to you at your specified address.  Please use an account that allows you to receive large (> 2MB) files.

The image may not be used commercially; for commercial usage please contact to discuss licensing an image.  

11. What if I just don't like the picture?

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of any image you've purchased from please return it for a full refund. All of our images are captured by professional photographers using Nikon high-end professional cameras. All of our products are produced on traditional Kodak or Fuji Photographic Paper, guaranteed not to fade for 100 years.

12.   How long before my pictures are delivered?

A) Most orders for small photographs (5x7/8x10) ship from our professional photo lab within 3-5 business days Actual delivery times depend on local US Post Office volume and efficiency. You may check your ORDER STATUS with SHUTTERFLY...

The preview images posted to our web site are low resolution copies of their original picture. For security purposes, the Internet images viewed here contain a watermark titled " Copyright". All photo's purchased through are produced from the original high resolution image file and DO NOT contain this watermark.

13. How long do you keep the pictures on line for us to view?

The photos are on line for 1-2 years from the time we upload them. This should allow enough time to view and purchase the ones you like.  There is a possibility that older pictures may be removed to save storage space.  These pictures will be stored off line and NOT deleted.  Please write down the image numbers and e-mail me if you are looking to purchase stored pictures.
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